In the year 1980, Mr. Jaikab laid the foundation of hockey in Lopon village and he along with Mr. Harnek Singh (Drawing teacher) brought this game on the acme from 1981 to 1983.
                     Mr. Mohan Singh came in 1983 to accompany Mr. Harnek Singh and these efficacious leaders did remarkable work to brought laurels for Lopon Hockey Team. During their time, the Lopon Hockey Team played National level and brought positions in zone, District and state level game.
                     During this time, many industrious players get selected for wings, Academies and Departments to serve this game. After this, the Lopon Hockey Club played under the guidance of Mr. Surjeet Singh [J.E]. During his time, the club won many Rural Tournaments and brought laurel for the Lopon village at Punjab level. In the year 1995, both the magnanimous leader lift the Lopon Hockey Club, Mr. Surjeet Singh died in the same year and Mr. Mohan Singh also served the club till 1995.
                     In 1995, Mr. Harcharn Singh (P.T.I) held the hand of the Lopon Hockey Club and gained the ground to reach the destination. Girls also gave their contribution in this game by playing at state level and won positions. From 1986 to 1996 the Lopon School Team and the Lopon Club both did remarkable work. The Lopon School Team has become District winner for lo time and has also won positions at state level.The Girls team won third position continuously form 1994 to 96 at state level. In 1997, Moga District won First position at state level and 9 players of Lopon Village played in this team. In 2004-05. the same district won Third position at state level and 12 players of Lopon School Team played in the Moga District Team.
                     Under 19 Championship was held in 2006 and Moga District won 3rd position, 9 players of this team was form Lopon School Team. The Lopon Hockey Club played league match in Nainital and brought name and fame for Lopon village at India level. This is not the end, the journey of winning laurel is going on and beyond description.

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